Ohio Counties

For those of you out-of-staters who may be continuously confused about the counties I mention in my posts, I’ve uploaded this useful Ohio county map so that you can keep up. I placed an astricks on my home county of Summit. Some other counties of interest I’ve listed below (in no particular order):

  • Medina – The county in which I grew up. Yeeehaw! Also home of the Medina County Bicycle Club who hosts the Ice Cream Oddyssey in July.
  • Cuyahoga – Not to be confused with the Cuyahoga Valley I’m always riding in (Cuyahoga Valley is in Summit County), Cuyahoga County is the county in which Cleveland is located.
  • Lake – Wine country, my favorite. Okay, there’s other wine areas of Ohio, but I personally think that the ones in Lake and the neighboring Ashtabula are the best of Ohio.
  • Holmes – The rolling county in which Akron Bicycle Club’s Roscoe Ramble is held.
  • Wayne – A favored alternative to riding in the Cuyahoga Valley. Home of another challenging river valley called Overton.
  • Scioto – The county in which Portsmouth–TOSRV’s ending location–is located. (TOSRV = Tour of the Scioto River Valley)
  • Lawrence – The backwards county in which I was assigned to put up the probate and juvenile court when I worked for a computer software company 1998-2000. I spent more time than I ever wanted to in this place that 1950 forgot.
  • Portage – Farm country with potholed roads and angry, impatient redneck drivers. Oops. If you live in Portage County, I apologize. But you know it’s true.
  • Franklin – Home of Columbus, our state capital, and the city recently recognized by the League of American Bicyclists as a bike friendly city! I’d move down there, since it seems to be the hip spot for Hiram College alumni to reside, but I think it’s too flat for cycling. Capitol Square in downtown Columbus is the starting point for TOSRV.
  • Darke – Home to the town of Greenville where Annie Oakley was born. I did the Annie Oakley ride here last summer.

Yup. That’s my home state of Ohio. Not really a bad place for cycling. Just don’t visit in the winter.


2 thoughts on “Ohio Counties

  1. Yes, ma’am. It’s not to say, though, that it’s bad that Portage County is redneck land. I’m just saying that I’ve <>observed<> lots of angry, impatient driving while cycling the pot-holed roads. Maybe all the angry drivers arent rednecks, though. Either way, it seems that cycling there is taking your life into your own hands. My near death experience count by cycling has doubled every time I’ve gone there because drivers pass without giving room.

    But I still go there. So who’s stupider? ;) Even Hiram isnt exactly what I’d call a safe cycling community. It would be a cause the students would take up… if they <>needed<> to cycle there. As you well know, everything is approximately a 5 minute walk from every given point on campus… =)

    But one does wonder… um… things seem to slow down a bit in Portage County, it being the country and people not being into all that fast-paced society of the city slickers… But I guess all bets are off when you get into a car…

    Btw, havent you heard that the new Hiram is in Columbus? ;)

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