The little things bring joy

A renovation that’s been a long time coming (for various confusing reasons) has been the replacement of my front door. I’ve hated the front door that came with my house pretty much from the moment I moved in. It was entirely glass in the middle, requiring ugly curtains for privacy. I think curtains look tacky on a door. The two side panels along each side of the door were also glass with equally as ugly (tacky) curtains which I happened to remove while painting over a year ago and never put them back.

Needless to say, I really had no privacy when going down the stairs to my basement (where, of course, the laundry room is) so if there was something I wanted to wear that was in the dryer (because I had not yet put it away), I always had to ensure I was decently dressed just to run downstairs and snatch it. No more! I can now run naked through my house without fear! (How do you like that image? Ha ha!) Everyone should run naked through their house every now and then. Why else have your own house? It’s one of our Constitutional rights, passed to us by the founding fathers. Look it up.

So here’s a picture of the whole set-up in my entry way (or is it “foyer”?).

I’m so pleased with the design of the windows (thanks, Dad, for pointing it out in the catalog). A lot of the windows in the catalog had these flowery designs that, to me, looked like “old people.” Or a church. I wanted something hot and modern to match the general style of my house. This angular pattern is perfect!

No curtains required! Just nice glass with a pattern that you can’t see through. Here’s a shot of the half-moon pane on the door.

Here’s a shot of the outside front of the house with the new door. Now I just have to get rid of the fugly blue siding. The door will look great with the beige colored siding I dream of having installed–perhaps this summer. I think the beautiful new door also points out how dirty and dinged my siding is too. And how wretchedly decrepit my porch is. Funny how one new renovation leads to other renovations…

I still have to buy a storm door. My old one was kind of beat up so my dad didn’t bother putting it back up.

We (and by we, I actually mean me and my mom–yeah, I had to do some work on this one) are currently fixing up my lawn so that it looks like a normal lawn and my neighbors don’t have me kicked out of their emaculate middle class neighborhood. I’ve had to pay to have a lawn service do a weeding and fertilizing treatment on it and my mom aerated it last Sunday. So hopefully I will have a nice green healthy lawn soon.

Meanwhile, I’ve yet to chose colors for my basement rec room and bathroom. My dad recently rehung dry wall to the bathroom because the people before had painted directly on the dry wall, which left the paint all flaky and cracked. He’s still working on laying down the tile. It’s so great having a father who’s a contractor!! (He’s a floor coverer by trade so I get all my materials at cost. Though I do have to pay him in praise and beer and tickets to Indians games…)

My dad has put so much work into helping me renovate this house that he will kill me if I ever leave it. Therefore, I think I am here for the long haul. Which suits me fine because due to all the work I’ve done in selecting new materials and changing everything, I’m kind of falling in love with the house. I’m making it the way I want it. I’ve never gotten to do that before. It’s kind of satisfying. The house has been mine to mold. Now it’s all me.

I can still dream of buying a second home in Colorado, though. The plan to live there November through June still jumps into my thoughts from time to time. “All” I need is the money and a job that would allow me to telecommute half the year. Ah… if I were a “real” writer, that might be possible. But, anyway, I don’t think anything’s impossible. If I save my pennies, I quite possibly could get what I want. I am liking Ohio a lot better than I used to, appreciating it for what it is and understanding that I do have an attachment to the place because I grew up here. But my heart is in both places so it would be nice to have my cake and eat it too. The months I would pick to live in Colorado are crappy in Ohio but blissfully sunny in Colorado (ski! ski! ski!).

Don’t laugh. It’s not impossible!


3 thoughts on “The little things bring joy

  1. I’m a fan of the “architectural” lines as well. The glass design is reminiscent of Charles Rennie MacIntosh. Looks good!

  2. Mars Girl you can live in Winter Park Colorado. Just takes some time and planning. We have now lived there for 3 years with our twins. If you don’t think you can make the leap you can always stay in one of our < HREF="" REL="nofollow">Winter Park vacation rentals<> . Go Winter Park!

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