Little Red Shoes Update

RIP Little Red Shoes
Feb. 2005 – May 2009
They were my first attempt at using clipless pedals. They made me look cute. Now they are in a landfill somewhere.

It was really hard to throw them out. But I knew I had to because I don’t need to be a hoarder of miscellaneous junk (the tendency to hoard does run in the family). And it’s not like I could give them to anyone else, as the reason they got replaced was because they were no longer comfortable. (And who wants to wear someone’s old stinky shoes within which their feet have sweat for hours? I’m weird about feet–shoes are the one thing I would never accept as a hand-me-down gift. Ew.)

The new Sidis have been nice. They look cute, too. Not as cute as the Little Red Shoes. The weather hasn’t been warm enough at the start time of any recent rides for me to wear my Keen sandals so the Sidis have already been sufficiently broken in. Out with the old, in with the new, they say.


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