Going green, part 2

Well, the commute worked out great. This evening’s weather was about 72 and sunny, a very nice way to end a day. I took Snowville to Dewey, and then turned onto Columbia for my descent. Snowville was quite busy at 5:10pm and the drivers were getting quite feisty with honking horns and lots of close passes by. Ugh. Gotta love Ohio drivers. Though, when I vented to my dad later, he said that it’s Friday and people are more easily annoyed on Fridays.

Well, it was a good evening. After Columbia, I went down the only way out of the valley in that direction–Riverview through Peninsula–and because I was pressed for time on meeting with my dad, I rode up Truxell. Then I went down Sullivan to Seasons to Norton and then Stow Road towards home. That trek down Norton to Stow added some miles on–if I’d been wise, I would have taken the Bike & Hike from Seasons, but I was feeling sad because I hadn’t ambled down Seasons and Norton for while.

Anyway, I ended with the following not-too-shabby stats for the entire commute. Commuting to work via bike is definitely GAME ON!! I may switch to wearing a backpack, though, instead of using the rack pack. I don’t like the way the rack pack throws off my weight distribution when I’m standing on the pedals.

35.55 miles
15.7 avg (KICK ASS)
34.5 max (of course, because I certainly didn’t wail the speed down Columbia… I suck)

Lessons learned: I’ve gotta stop pushing hard gears… My knee was hurting for a bit when I got home…

At Ray’s with the Mars Dad, I consumed two big beers: Great Lakes’ Grass Roots Ale and a Paul Lanner. Yay! A day well spent. Now to bridal shower hell tomorrow… (BOO!) but happy ride on Sunday (YAY!).


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