A younger Kerbe at Christmas

I remembered I had a few pictures of Kerbe from the Christmas of 1999–my first Christmas as a married woman with Mike. So I went through my photo albums to find them. I was surprised with how different Kerbe looked from the dog I was used to seeing over the last several years. As you can see, he’s very spry in these pictures… And, of course, he’s smiling.

Above, my brother Christian and Kerbe. Notice the subtle touch to the leg. You know, because he wouldn’t want to look too affectionate. (I’m teasing, Christian.)

My husband and Kerbe. I don’t think Mike was much of a dog person, but he did seem to like Kerbe. Kerbe sure liked him–look how he’s got himself inched up between Mike’s legs. That’s how Kerbe liked to sit next to “his people.” Most of the time, he ended up sitting on your feet.

My mom put the ribbons on his collar. Hey, if you can’t dress your pets in festive bows and ribbons (or hats, collars, clothes… etc…) every once in awhile, you have no sense of humor. Parents do it to kids, too. Personally, if I had tried this with my cats, the bows would already be torn to shreds and the tattered remains would have been scattered across the floor. And they don’t even have claws.

Anyway, I’ve been contemplating Kerbe’s life over the last couple of days… He was a good dog. He did live a full and happy life with the E’s. That’s more than any dog could ask for. My parents even paid for him to have knee surgery when his knees went bad early on. We treat our pets well. Too well, my dad always jokes. It’s a lucky pet who ends up with any of us.

NOTE: Kerbe’s nose changed colors seasonally. It seemed to go from pink in the winter to black in the summer. It was one of his remarkable features that we always pointed out. In addition to his “whirley butt,” “spotty tongue,” and “wiggle-waggle.” These are all adjectives my family and I understand to describe aspects of Kerbe.


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