Day 1: Optional Ride to Indiana

I got up at 6:50am, ate the all-too-tasty Kashi Island Vanilla shredded wheat cereal, kissed the kitties goodbye and fretted over them like a mother, and then took off for New Castle, PA to register for XOBA.

Great exciting atmosphere at registration. Met up with Michael, Randy, Tony and Michelle. Spent three hours on the bus to Eaton. I met some ladies from Maine and we chatted about our biking adventures. I frightened them with tales of my past sky-diving adventures…

After dinner and briefing by Director Walt, the five of us dodged out of the evening program for a 20 mile round trip to the Indiana border. No sign of welcome to pose by–just the road sign for State Line Road. Close enough? We think so!

Route was gently rolling. Farms smells, corn, black cows. We got chased by an Ohio dog on the state line. All in a easy day.

Tomorrow: 58 miles to Wittenburg!

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