Day 2: Eaton to Springfield

Beautiful day for cycling–80 degrees and sunny. A little hot but I’m not going to complain as it wasn’t raining or t-storming on my parade. One significant hill outside of Dayton–Burkhart Rd–that was long more than steep with a traffic light right before the top that turned red right as I got there (and, of course, after Michael had made it through).

We were woken last night at 2am to idiots riding dirt bikes (the motorized kind) on the field where are tents were. “Hick entertainment” claims one of our cycling companions who said he used to ride them too. The bad part: the a-holes ran over one girl’s bike! Fortunately, it did not cause too much damage other than the victim’s feeling of having been violated by idoits who dont respect and have hurt her “baby.” I completely understand… I’d be incensed.

In case you’re wondering, I skipped ice cream last night but enjoyed some today at Young’s Jersey Dairy–Espresso Chocolate Chunk in a chocolate-dipped waffle bowl. If you’re going to go down, go down GOOD and HARD.

Enjoyed watching Lance stand in the 3rd place spot on the Tour de France podium. Young’s had the last stage of the Tour on for us as we ate. Yay, Lance!

Tomorrow’s ride: 52 or 100 miles to Grove City. Yes, I’m now tempted since 52 miles is pretty easy and now I’m warmed up and I could have done more today. It depends on the weather and my mood tomorrow.


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