Day 3: Springfield to Grove City

Don’t say I told you so. But, yes, I did end up doing the century route after much teasing from Randy (and some from Michael). Apparently all you have to do to get me to do something really stupid is question my “manhood” as a cyclist. Throw down the gauntlet, and I always am there to pick it up.

Yes, I am in pain.

But I am glad I did it. It was another sunny day, albeit it sweat-drenchingly hot, spared only by a pretty forceful wind in some directions. The wind was both our enemy and our salvation.

We got to watch a plane crop-dusting some field which I got a great picture of. Saw more of places in Ohio that I never knew existed. Empty roads in the middle of nowhere. I rode about 20 miles with some women from Maine who we met on the bus. I chatted and rode for quite some time with Jill. A real fun group–we keep taking pictures of each other whenever we meet up.

Today I had a chocolate malt at Graeters in Grove City–made with chocolate ice cream AND syrup. Yum. Probably skipping ice cream tomorrow.

Tomorrow: “Rest Day” of 52 miles to Millersport. Regular route… No optional 86 miles for me.

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