Day 4: Grove City to Millersport

Today we played tourist. We gladly passed the turn off to the long route–88 miles–In preference for the 52 mile route. It was nice to ride a casual pace on sore muscles and stop in the towns along the way.

First up: Ashville and the Ohio Small Town Museum which contained an eclectic mix of antiquties from both Ohio past (and particularly Ashville). The neatest was the Jetson-Looking futurist traffic light that was designed by a town resident and it also was in use there for years. Ahead of it’s time they say. Even better, they got James Earl Jones to record the little dialog describing its history. Really!

Next up: Slate Run Living Historical Museum. Much like Hale Farm near my home, this park contains a farm set up in the style of an 1800s farm. I had a blast looking at the animals (except the pigs whose pens I could not rid my nose of the smell of for miles after we left). It was worth the extra four miles round trip it added to our day.

Lastly, we lunched in Canal Winchester (where sadly there are no longer reminents of a canal). We went to the Barbershop Museum where the curators gave us all kinds of fascinating (and scary) information about barbers and their tools of the past. Which included knives for bloodletting. Yeah.

Millersport is on the shores of Buckeye Lake. Surprisingly quaint. I had an all-berry smoothie at Weldons Ice Cream Factory in lieu of fattening ice cream.

Tomorrow: 70 miles to Loudenville. Expect some hills. And 70% chance of rain. It’s gonna catch up with us eventually. Baaah!


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