Day 6: Loudenville to Copley

Today was not as painful as I anticipated. I actually got quite comfortable with the dull ache in my legs and worked with it. Up more hills. Yesterday’s hilly hell made today seem rather easy. Funny how a really hilly segment of a bike route can put everything in perspective.

Today was much more pleasant with 70-degree weather and general cloud cover all day to keep the heat from getting the better of us. We rode from Loundenville through a lot of scenic unknown places and ended up In Funk (yes. really). Then to Wooster and lots of familiar ground through Medina.

Had ice cream at Hartzler’s in Wooster–Mint Chocolate Chip. Lunch at the Buehler’s cafe in Medina to finish on the first steep, then rolling, Ridgewood Rd to end at 70 miles at the Copley High School.

Mars Dad kindly traded my other tent for my structurally unsound one, and then whisked Michael and I away in his luxurious (because we didn’t have to ride our bikes) taxi for dinner and beer at On Tap in Fairlawn… Good beer, at last! It was fun watching everyone else walk or ride the two miles to Fairlawn. For one night, we had it easy!

The odor of Icy Hot permeates my tent as I am having bad pain in my right knee. Bought a runner’s brace at Dick’s; hope it helps. I’ve never had problems with my knees before–a testament to the understated difficulty of the route to Loudenville.

Hoping for good weather tonight and to Youngstown (no t-storms). Not planning to do the optional century. At this moment.

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