It’s all in your hands

I’m about to spend money. Yes, I’m trying to fill the hole in my heart, the gulp in my throat, left from a tumultuous week as well as the would-be 10 year anniversary of my wedding. Forget that it’s slightly dysfunctional that I chose to buy large ticket items when I’m depressed. I never spend outside my means; I’ve always got the money for these things. But being in a funk releases the gate of frugality which prevents from spending money on even the things I want dearly. Under normal circumstances, you can only imagine how long it takes for me to buy anything over $100. Money in the bank is better than actually using it for something I need/want. Blame it on my mom for making me such a tight-wad.

Anyway, the fate of what I purchase is in your hands. Thanks to modern technology, I have the means to put up a poll to millions–okay, maybe twenty or so–of you, who might not even know me but through my disjointed laments and incongruent thoughts on this blog, so that you can decide for me the item I will splurge on since I can’t make up my own mind. You can be the deal-breaker. Isn’t democracy wonderful?

So what will it be? A motorcycle for the newly licensed motorcycle operator? Or man-powered bike number 4–an all-season cyclocross–in my garage? (Well, realistically, I will guilt myself into getting rid of one of the other bikes. Probably The Beast–can you hear her crying?)

Right now the poll is tied. I need more votes! So chime in and let me know what you think. Post thoughts and commentary below if you feel the need to justify your vote.

16 thoughts on “It’s all in your hands

  1. Hi, it's me, the Surly Cross Check. You KNOW that in the long run that I'm the better choice for Heidi. I'm better for her health. I'm better for the environment. And can you REALLY picture Heidi at Bike Night at Quaker Steak n' Lube? No! She belongs at The Winking Lizard after a Wednesday Night Club Ride with ME! So vote for Surly, surly you'll agree?

  2. But, Surly, when I bought my Giant OCR, I swore that would be the last bike I'd buy for at least 15 yeras. The Giant was supposed to be my everything. ;)

    You dont think I'd fit in at Bike Night if I got a few more tattoos? There are still many interstellar objects I could have inked on my body…

  3. And she said that about ME. And now she's trying to sell me into slavery so that she can buy the Surly Cross-Check. It was bad enough when she bought the OCR and started riding it all the time. At least I could still go on the towpath with her in the fall and spring and sometimes still on short road rides. But now she wants to replace ME with a Surly Cross-Check… and get rid of me… oh, the humanity!

  4. So what was I? A one-night fling? A forgotten dalliance? Do you remember how I made you feel faster than you ever felt! Forget these steel clunkers. I can offer you speed and power.

  5. What we had, Defy Alliance, was one beautiful weekend that I will remember always. You were very stable at high speed, which sadly, I think my OCR is not so much.

    But if I purchased you, I'd have to leave my OCR. I need one bike for speed and one bike for crappy weather. (Of course, I could put bigger tires on the OCR and make it my bad weather bike…)

    Oh, stop, bicycles of past and future dalience! You are confusing me! This is why I've not bought any bikes in the first place.

  6. Trek, baby, it's 2009, the year of change. Don't take it personally! And Heidi, think of how much easier it would be to just take me out when you want to ride those rougher patches that OCR just isn't designed to handle, rather than having to change those tires all the time. Back and forth, back and forth, you know you'll get tired of it when all you really want to do is get up and go. I can give you that!

  7. But Giant Defy Alliance made me feel bad about steel again… Everybody rips on steel and then I'm afraid I wont be able to maintain my 14-16mph averages… :(

  8. Heidi, Heidi, Heidi, don't listen to that Defy Alliance going on and on about steel. Think of it instead as the best of both worlds. You've got the steel that you'd have if you got that motorcycle, but in bicycle form! And speed, well, that's what the OCR will be for. How fast are you really going to go riding on the towpath with your friends and avoiding those toodlers, anyway?

  9. I'd encourage you to go for the bicyle, but since I think you only want a motorcycle in order to be rebellious, I don't want to give you anything to rebel against.


  10. Dude, I'm 34. Who am I rebelling against? My parents and I get along now. I have nothing to prove to anyone. Motorcycles are fun! Well, once I become better at it. Right now, I'm only good at 20mph in the parking lot…

  11. But a Surly Cross-Check would be even more fun. Hey, you could even ride me while wearing a leather jacket if you really wanted to.

  12. But what about a motorcycle? You took that 3 day class back in June to see if you liked it and you did. You say you aren't good riding yet on the streets and only in the parking lot. How will you get better if you don't have a motorcycle of your own to practice on? Do you want those classes to go to waste?

  13. Okay, ya'll are going to different computers and voting twice because I do not believe 40 people read my insignificant blog!

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