Saturday I once again rode in MCBC’s Fall Foilage & Frostbite Frolic (I forget what the rest of those F’s stand for, something about Friendsville, a town in Medina County). This is a free ride (donations happily accepted) that starts at Medina’s downtown square and makes its way in a loop around some of the prettier spots of Medina County with a torturous leg up Medina Line and Granger roads. This is the third time I’ve this ride; this year the weather was less than desirable but it was still better than the first year I did it (2007) when it poured rain down on me for the last 25 miles of this 50 mile route. Since it only sprayed us from time to time with a light sprinkle, I consider it a good ride. I’m happy until the heavens release their floods.

Anyway, this ride is kind of an end-of-season tradition around here. Every year, Lou Vetter–a member of both ABC and MCBC–dons a cape and some fangs and allows his alter ego Count Draculou to entertain us at the one and only rest stop at Stanhope Park in Seville. We get apple cider and some cookies–it’s pretty low budget. The mood is festive so in that spirit, I donned a long-sleeve shirt I got from a 5K run I did a few years ago in October, because it had a jack-o-lantern on it…

…and the pair of jack-o-lantern socks I got last year in the bargain bin at Target which I can only wear once a year.

I got several compliments on the socks. And the good thing about the shirt was that it was so bright people could readily see me far away, which hopefully helped the inattentive local motorists.

In general, I rode with Michael, Randy, and TDB; Ernie, Dave W, and Cheryl S from ABC were also there along with some other people I only know by sight and not name (sorry!). Also, for most of the ride, June–a woman Randy, Michael, and I met on XOBA this summer–rode with us. She had rode to the ride from her house so she cut off to head back home during our trek down Medina Line. We also rode with her on MCBC’s Labor Day ride this year. You meet some really cool people on XOBA who seem to become new cycling buddies.

Here’s a shot of the ABC contingent at the rest stop, which I stole from the ABC website, taken from Randy’s camera. Nice scenery, eh?

Of course, the weather was much nicer for riding on Sunday. I ended up being responsible–raked leaves and mowed my lawn–instead of riding anywhere. But I’m glad I did get the chance to do FFF once again and the 50-mile route to boot. I felt really good after the ride and not overly exhausted; I’m in such great shape now that I hate to see the season end. It will take a long time in the spring to build back up to what I am now. At this point, I can crunch up just about any hill. In fact, I’m feeling almost confident enough to attempt Oak Hill. Such a shame that I will be spending the next several months on my trainer or at the gym…

I won a three-month gym membership to Lifecenter Plus in Hudson for only $50 at my church’s service auction on Saturday evening. So after skipping a gym membership last winter in preference for staying at home with my Total Gym and my bike on a trainer, which didn’t work out so well due to all the household distractions so much more attractive than indoor exercise, I’m back attempting the gym thing again. Hopefully I get a routine going. I go nuts when I don’t exercise. But it’s such torture to do all that work and never get anywhere inside a building. Maybe I’ll take a spin class or something. Ack.

Anyway, one more end-of-season ride to go: Red Flannel. And the weather’s looking like it will at least not rain. It may be a little chilly but there’s no snow on the ground so we’re good to go.


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