Sometimes a photographer

I thought I’d get my new blog site off to a good start by showing my half-baked attempts at photography during the last several weeks. Yeah. These never quite come out the way I hope. I’m great at turning a spectacular bit of scenery into a flat and lifeless image.

Here are some attempts at being artsy… I actually have one of these as my desktop picture on my home computer… though, it’s a bit loud, making the icons hard to see.


Leaves, close up…


The cross-country trail by Pine Lane trailhead…


Ohio skis–clouds and blue.


This tree just looked cool.


And, of course, scenic overlook of my favorite place in the Cuyahoga Valley, the aforementioned Pine Lane trailhead off of Quick Road.


It was a rainy day when I took the last two; thus, the hazy appearance. I kept hoping I’d take better fall pictures, but alas, I missed the prime season. I’ll have to post a link to the rest of the pictures. I got a few in the corn maze at Szalay’s the day I decided to do the corn maze after a hike.

Happy Late Autumn, everyone! I guess it’s time for me to “turn over a new leaf” with my blog. Har, har.


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