A hopeless situation

I was so proud of myself last Sunday. Instead of riding my bike or going out or doing anything equally as distracting, I actually stayed home and mowed my lawn. I spent a few hours raking leaves on the side of the yard on which it was hopeless to try to run the mower on and then mowed it too. My backyard, surprisingly, did not have many leaves and I was able to just shred what was there with the mower. Of the leaves I did rake, I moved them to the edges of my yard by the street for the city leaf-pickup. I usually never get my leaves raked in time for any of those dates. My yard looked like I actually stay home enough to care about it. It almost looked as pristine as my neighbors.

But then, I got home today and took a good look at my front yard and realized…



yard 006



And they’ve reproduced…


yard 005

But wait! There’s more! When I went to my back patio to cook my dinner on the grill (a salmon patty — yum!), my eyes popped out of my head when I realized that I could see NO GRASS in my back yard…


yard 001

This is way too much work for one woman alone…

yard 003

I’ll be out there for days just trying to clear this up. I now know why having a yard with trees is not quite as delightful as one would think…

I can’t leave them there. Last year, I didn’t rake a single leaf. I figured, “Hey, this is nature. This is what nature does. I’m respecting the environment.”

But then this year, I had to really nurse my lawn back into health. Not that my backyard lawn is all that healthy. But I know I can’t leave this many leaves on the ground like this.

Ugh. I need a housing association. Condo life was so much nicer…


5 thoughts on “A hopeless situation

  1. Frank, when you live in a neighborhood, you have to do certain things to make the neighbors not want to kick you out of it. Making your yard look pristine is one of them… This many leaves KILLS THE GRASS. Thus making me the pariah of the neighborhood. On top of being the single childless girl… I’m creapy!

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