Happy Halloween from the Wicked Witch of NEO

Though for me it will be just another day. I’m probably going to a wine tasting and then meeting up for dinner with a cycling friend. Not passing out candy to the little brats* who live on my street… even if they don’t walk through my yard anymore… I think I’m the neighborhood pariah because I’m the only single girl…No one ever talks to me here and the kids last year approached like I was the Wicked Witch of Northeast Ohio. Plus, there’s something just creepy, to me, about being a single girl without kids passing out candy to the neighborhood kids. I wondered if the parents–who also approached slowly and tentatively–thought there was something weird about me too.

I know I sound paranoid, but I know how neighborhoods are. I’m the misfit and everyone seems to know each other, all stay-at-home moms with their kids. I guess it’s all good, though, because I don’t have people bugging me to talk when I’m out in my yard. Still, it would be nice if once in awhile someone with a snow plow offered to plow my drive when they see my out there shoveling, like they do with some of the other neighbors.

A relationship is built both ways, though. I suppose I could go out of my way to be friendly. It’s just really hard for me to go out of my comfort zone like that. I’m good in large groups of people where I don’t have to do all the talking to keep a conversation going. It’s when I’m left trying to come up with things to say to someone that I sound weird and desperate. I know I fail at building relationships with people sometimes… But I just get lazy because I have enough friends to whom I no longer have to prove myself.

Anyway, I just don’t have the spirit this year. This was really Mike’s holiday. I just can’t get into it anymore. But I hope everyone else is having a great time!


* Mothers and fathers who read my blog: Please understand that my use of the word “brat” here is tongue-in-cheek. I do generally like kids. I just feel uncomfortable around them. Like a big dork. And I’m not very good at interacting with them. Some of the kids in my neighborhood, however, really are brats. Especially when their parents haven’t taught them how rude it is to walk through people’s yards (in fact, when I first moved here, some of the adults walked through my yard). I was taught better behavior as a child and I never walked through other people’s yards, even when the other kids I was playing with did it.


2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween from the Wicked Witch of NEO

  1. I’m a single guy who enjoys Halloween who decorates the entrance to the house with skeletons, a coffin and a jack o’lantern. I never particularly worried about what some nervous mommy might make of it. In this neighborhood, trick-or-treat night is sort of a party when everyone, single or married, black or white, comes out on their porches and driveways and socializes for a while. Even neighbors who’ve since moved away come back for a visit.

  2. I am always suspicious of children making fun of me… So I get nervous about what everyone thinks when I interact with them. They kind of frighten me, actually. Even without costumes.

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