Phrases that need to be retired

This is an entry I started writing in December of last year but, for some reason or another (probably had some real work to do), I never finished it. When I transferred all my entries from blogspot, this entry resurfaced among some unfinished drafts I forgot about. In the spirit of a recent entry by Catheryn, I thought I’d finish and post it for fun… Since I’m on a roll with writing blog entries lately…

Anyway, enjoy. It’s a lot more entertaining than reading more of my gay-rights rants with which I’ve been spamming my Facebook account in reaction to the results of Maine’s election on Tuesday. I can’t say I’m surprised. But every once in a while, the hopeful part of me would like to not only be surprised by my fellow humans, but think better of them as well. Not gonna happen. So I need a few days to fume.

Here are some phrases I’m really sick of hearing and would like to see immediately retired from our lexicon of speech. Whenever I hear them, they grate on my nerves for unknown reasons. I think they sound dorky when they slide so casually from a person’s lips.

  • “Hit the ground running.” (Even though people have told me that I take on projects this way.)
  • “Balls to the wall.”
  • “Move on.” (In reference to anything that makes anyone sad whatsoever. Sometimes it’s okay to wallow, folks!)
  • “[He/she/it] threw [him/her/it] under the bus.”
  • “That chick is….” fill in the blank: hot, smoking, flaming, etc.
  • This isn’t a phrase, but I’m tired of all people who say “fustrated” instead of “frustrated.” There’s a stupid commercial on the radio (about a Playboy channel reality show, actually) where the girl says “fustrated” and I have to say that it’s “fustrating” me. I feel like a grammar teacher. Please learn to say the word right! The same with all you people who say “warsh” instead of “wash.”
  • “The New York Yankees win their 27th World Series.” It’s been one day and I’m sick of it. There’s no great feat in pulverizing everybody constantly when you can buy whoever the hell you want.
  • Referring to sexual acts as “whaling,” “boning,” “poking,” or “banging.”
  • “Cost cutting measures.” Just say it: Lay-offs.

Also, I think it’s about time to get ride of those stupid “Support The Troops” ribbons. I am still kicking myself that I never bought the one I saw at Spencer Gifts a few years ago. It was black and said, “Some asshole stole my Support The Troops ribbon.” I do support the troops–even if I don’t support the war–but people who drive around with those ribbons are pretentious to me. No offense. It’s like saying, “Hey, I’m more patriotic than you are.”

Okay, and I know that I feed into the arm bracelet fad by wearing a Livestrong band. I realize that the thing is starting to outlive its original usefulness. But. Well. It brings me closer to *Lance*.


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