First Day: Alta

The blizzard I’d hoped would happen last week finally arrived a little late making skiing an interesting adventure today. We took the UTA bus service from a park and ride near our hotel to Alta Ski Resort–the haven for skiers as snow boarders are not allowed (yay!). It was a good thing we took the bus as the route through Little Cottonwood Canyon as the roads were quite covered despite the complete lack of stormy conditions where we were staying. Kinda reminded me of Denver in that respect.

I arrived at Alta to the sound of avalanche charges detonating. I knew they did this sort of thing at big resort on actual mountains, but I’d never witnessed it myself. It was a bit unnerving.

The lady at the ticket window informed us there was a delayed opening due to the weather, but by the time we got all dressed for the weather, the lifts to the bottom of the mountain were open.

The Sugarloaf lift to the top of the mountain opened later in the day. We foolishly went up it. Very windy and super deep powder. Like people-eating deep. Janet (the “we” in this adventure) got her ski stuck in a particularly high area and had to spend a great deal of time digging herself out. I think it took us an hour to get back down the mountain between her incident, the frequent breaks we needed from working all the powder, and trying to figure out the easiest path (we weren’t quite ready for anything difficult).

It was a hard way to get my ski legs back. Not one of my finer days of skiing. The white-out conditions didn’t make it easier. I hope tomorrow my brain remembers better how to get my legs to move the dance of skiing. It was still great to get out. Despite the blizzard-like conditions and my reluctant body, I had fun. I’m just glad there’s snow and more falling throughout the night.

We haven’t figured out yet where we’re headed tomorrow. Maybe Alta again.


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