Former Alaskan Governor

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything political. In an effort to avoid a long angry diatribe, and in honor of Ms. Palin’s appearance on Leno tonight, I give you this bit of politi-ku.

I sincerely wish
Sarah Palin would vanish
Poof! Gone forever…

4 thoughts on “Former Alaskan Governor

  1. Actually, I’d like to see her stick around. She gives those of us on the left something to despise and she’s sort of funny.

  2. Yeah, she’s great comic relief, but she’s too scary to contemplate as the Republican candidate for 2012… a lot of those weirdo (read: repressed and not feminist) Republican women think she’s great. I’m frightened by how many people take her seriously. Ack!!

  3. The repressed Republican women love her because to them she’s feminist… She represents a life they want, but cant have because their husbands and their church tells them women have the role of mother and nothing else.

    I cant help but be pissed off, also, how she became the sweetheart of the Republicans (and even non-Republicans) because she is supposedly good-looking (hot). Though I dont think so… But, anyway, it really reveals to me a disgusting truth about our society–that beauty will get you further than intelligence. Just look at how the public has always ripped on Hillary, calling her ugly and a dyke because she wasn’t beautiful. I’m no Hillary fan, but she certainly did not deserve to have all of her political resume reduced to her appearance. That’s just not right.

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