Who would have thought a gallop
Was as smooth as two wheels on pavement
Legs pumping vigorously to bring motion
Lungs drained breathless with work
Between ecstasy and pain
Gloriously alive in that long, laborious moment
All thoughts focused on the simple, single task:
Motion, moving, momentum.

(Inspired while riding yesterday… Though, admittedly, I think this actually just the start of a poem…)

2 thoughts on “Galloping

  1. Actually, Sherri, that’s probably the whole point of the poem. I believe that cycling is what propelled me through my grief because it gave me periods of time in which I could “escape” because when you’re pushing hard on a bike, all you have to think about is pushing hard on a bike. It gave me break from myself for awhile. And then the endorphins helped after the ride to keep me feeling better… The other stanza I tried to write and didnt like so much included just these thoughts. It was something like, “There is no hurt–no grief, no guilt, no dread–only hard work…” But then I decided writing a stanza along that vein was giving away too much and I liked the mysteriousness sound that I started this with. I need to think more on this poem, but that whole stanza came to my head intact while I was riding… I had to write it down before I forgot.

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