So… maybe it’s the date to blame for all my Mike thoughts of the late… April 14th looms near. The date. That everything. Changed. Forever.

Last night I talked about the event in my life with Mike that clinched his position as my Champion. The walk down memory lane inspired a look through our old highpointing photolog. And here’s what I found. My heart bleeds looking at these pictures. I haven’t looked at them in awhile and hadn’t realized they would jerk my heart strings like this.

Mike at Pennsylvania Highpoint - 01/09/2000

Mars Girl at top of fire tower at PA highpoint - 01/09/2000

I just lost my job a few days prior… Does it look like it?

Mike at the Indiana highpoint - 01/15/2000

Ten years ago… ten… So hard to imagine…

Mars Girl - Indiana Highpoint - 01/15/2000

Who was this girl? She’s 10 years younger! (And, yes, I used to dye my hair red.)

Mars Girl - Campbill Hill, Ohio (Highest Point) - 01/15/2000

I still wear that jacket… If you’ve seen some of my skiing pictures. Mike’s father and step-mother gave it to me for Christmas. I think it was Christmas 1999. When this picture was taken, we were only married five months.

Mike - Ohio Highpoint - 01/15/2000 - My champion!

Not related to my last post, but later in 2000, this picture is one of my favorite of all of our highpointing photos. Mike and me at the Kansas highpoint–Mt. Sunflower–on December 22, 2000. Four months before he died.

Mars Girl and Mike - Happily Ever After -Dec. 2000

I’m not bitter. Just melancholic.

Mike & Mars Girl - Nebraska Highpoint, 12/22/2000 - The last days, the last highpoints together.

Same date… tri-state marker… I thought I was being cute, all Twister’ed between states.

Mars Girl - In three states at once - Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska

Alas… one happy memory… Mike, his step-mom, and myself–each on our own state. We were quite amused by the whole concept of being at the corner where three state lines met. Mike and I planned to go to Four Corners–where Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and Colorado meet–one day. Someday, I’ll go there. (It’s surprising I never went when I lived in Colorado…)

I was also majorly obsessed (and spooked out) by the numerous nuclear silos scattered throughout the back country roads. I think most of them were disarmed but it was the first time I really became aware that the weapons exist (had existed) somewhere physical. And they were still obviously maintained by the military. Spooky. There was one within eyesight of the tri-state marker…

Some family... some time...

Swear, I’m not bitter. Just a little sad. Why does April 14th always attack me with the crazies?

4 thoughts on “Memories

  1. “Why does April 14th always attack me with the crazies?”

    Um, because it was the most traumatic day of your life? So you are completely within reason to react however you feel you need to in order to get through all the emotions that come up this time each year. If you need anything, just let me know. I’m only a phone call away. Or a text message. Or email. Or Facebook post. Or smoke signal…

    • Well, I know. I just don’t want people to think I’m stuck in the past. I think my “widow card” is getting worn out. 9 years is a long time… But I know you understand. I’ll always miss him,

  2. I say this with all the gentleness in the world, but I think your book, as you write it, will be another way for you and Mike to reach a high point together.

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