Wedding E-nnouncement, Jan 1999

I know this is out of order with the story I was telling, but in looking through Mike’s email folder, I came across the original message he sent to his coworkers announcing our engagement. Anyone who knew Mike’s voice would hear him loud and clear in this message. Also, I remember how proud he was, always, to tell everyone who would listen that he was getting married. He was actually worse than me, a female. We were not the traditional couple.

Subject: Announcement
Author:  Michael F
Date:    1/18/99 4:14 PM
Greetings All,

This e-mail is just to let you in on a little secret.  I am getting
married.  If you are interested in some details, check out this URL.

We are trying to improve this sites format as I learn HTML. :)  I think it will be in frames some, and more interesting links should be added as we make plans.

Please copy me in if you can think of other e-mail address that I could include this announcement.


Mike F.

And he forwarded the replies from his coworker to me. First, his boss:

Subject: Announcement
Author:  Michael F
Date:    1/19/99 10:25 AM
Greetings Fritzy,

God, now it starts.

Mike F.
____________ Forward Header______________________
Subject: Re: Announcement
Author:  Sally K
Date:    1/18/99 4:48 P


Will this end up satisfying the MJO that relates to learning HTML???????

Congratulations!  Make sure your china and silver patterns are on the site.  I have no intention of giving you and Heidi matching parachutes!!!

Best regards,


The website no longer exists, by the way. That was a long, long time ago. Regardless, I’d like to point out that we were the ground-breakers for creating wedding websites. If only we’d known there was a market for online wedding sites, we could have made our millions back when the iron was hot! Oh well, another great opportunity missed.

Next, one of his coworkers:

Subject: Announcement
Author:  Michael F
Date:    1/19/99 10:26 AM

Greetings Fritzy,

And why do you think they would think this will be on the news?


____________ Forward Header ___________________
Subject: Re: Announcement
Author:  Jim D
Date:    1/18/99 4:17 PM

Good lord, man, haven’t you paid any attention to what we told you???

Seriously, we wish you the very best. Let us know where and when, or should we just watch the news for the unusual setting?

All the best,


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