Tidal Forces

Waves crash in rhythm,
Ceaseless, steady metronome
Sacred beat of life.

Another Oregon coast inspired haiku that I finally finished this morning during the service at church (believe it or not). The topic was about holy moments and I couldn’t help but recall my holy moment walking the beach on Wednesday morning as I contemplated my husband with whom I’d last visited the Oregon coast. Thoughts of him came up quite a bit while I was there. Nothing tragic; just wistful melancholy. Somehow, while walking the beach, I started to feel some spiritual cleansing. Thus the previous traditionally spiritual haiku. This one is more earthy, and thus probably more me, though you might replace the word “God” in the previous poem with “Mother” if it didn’t have so many syllables. I guess with the wind tussling my hair and brushing my cheeks, I felt embraced by some holy, soothing spirit. Like my Mom when was upset as a child, holding me and telling me everything was going to be okay… even when she couldn’t fix what saddened me…

2 thoughts on “Tidal Forces

  1. Love this post, Heidi!! Gorgeous haiku. Reminds me of my beloved friend Jim, who passed Jan 4, 2008; he was really into haiku before he passed. Lots of love to you!!

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