Mt Elbert

I carried you on my back all the way to top
And poured your gray sand upon the rocks
As the last grain tumbled from that unhallowed black box,
Thunder crashed, interrupting your sister’s protest cries.
We hurried from that high place under darkening skies
Pelted by stryofoam balls of rain,
My hiking poles buzzed like angry bees–
Warning, warning, warning!
My heart throbbed in shame, recrimination
It was too late to put it right;
You were already released.
A sacred moment ruined because I was afraid to say no.
You only get one chance to do it right.
And though I’ve been there three times since,
The chance to rightfully honor your memory is gone.
Time cannot be rewound.

2 thoughts on “Mt Elbert

  1. I struggle time and time again with the concept that life has no “do-overs.” There are so many points in my history–especially in reference to my husband’s death and afterwords–where I truly wish I redo a moment to fix it. I don’t know if the moment is really fixable. Some things might have turned out exactly the same. But at least I would have tried. Better. I guess.

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