Laying awake in bed,
Too feverish with thought to sleep
There’s a tension in the air
You can bite right through it

Time is ticking away…

Tick tick tick tick…

So many hours wasted, doing… what?
Need to move before my clock quits
Don’t know when that will be
But I’m not too sure of my longevity.

Want to write, want to publish
Want my efforts, my love, to be noticed
Want to leave something in the world
Want the words in my head unfurled

Been avoiding my destiny for too long…

Fear fear fear fear

I’ve allowed it to repress me,
Let others’ successes depress me.
I’m inspired by poets of song,
Languishing over their lucky state,
And the time money has bought them to create

Don’t want the fame, would take the fortune
Just want to do what I was born to do,
Correction: What I think I was born to do
(If I was born to do it, wouldn’t I have already done it?)

They say every day dreamers die
Leaving their hopes unfulfilled
Don’t want to be one of those dead dreamers
Who never said ever, watching as others destroyed their will.

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