U2 Albums, Ranked (Rewrite)

Due to extensive research in the topic of the late, I’ve re-ranked all the U2 albums now that I can rightfully pass judgment since I own them all. And to keep this blog entry fresh so that I give you new information in a topic I’ve already written about, I’ve listed my favorite tracks on each of the albums. Somewhere in here there is order and method. If you’re a fan, I invite you to find it. Ha! I also promise that I’ll write about something real this week and not just my ongoing, consuming obsession with U2.

I’ve also been writing some haiku for the Haiku Death Match in January… If Joanna lets me compete. ‘Course, I might just want to keep those poems under wraps so that I can come in for a killing and surprise my unworthy opponents. *snort*

I’m going to see Vox Voronet–my friends Andy and Scott’s band–on Saturday in Kent. So, you see, I listen to music other than U2. Really, I do. Maybe I’ll have something to blog about on Sunday, emm? I don’t know how my old body is going to stay up until the wee hours of Sunday morning to watch them, though (the show starts at 10pm!!).

Anyway, here’s my list of U2 albums ranked, yet again. I forced myself to only pick two favorite songs per album. Okay, so I cheated on a few. But that’s only because the second favorite was tied. I always had a hand’s down, immediate favorite for the number one slot on all of the releases. I’m just like that.

1. October (1981)

Fave Song: Tomorrow

Fave Song 2: With a Shout

2. The Unforgettable Fire (1984)

Fave Song: A Sort of Homecoming

Fave Song 2: Indian Summer Sky

3. War (1983)

Fave Song: Drowning Man

Fave Song 2: Sunday Bloody Sunday

4. The Joshua Tree (1987)

Fave Song: In God’s Country

Fave Song 2: With or Without You

5. Achtung Baby (1991)

Fave Song: Acrobat

Fave Song 2: Even Better Than the Real Thing

6. Zooropa (1993)

Fave Song: Dirty Day

Fave Song 2: Lemon – Though I wish the studio track was like the live versions from the ZooTV tour where Bono, as Mr. Macphisto, sang “Midnight” in this cool way over top The Edge singing the chorus vocals. I guess, though, that’s what makes watching the live performance special.

7. No Line on the Horizon (2009)

Fave Song: Breathe

Fave Song 2: Crazy Tonight, Stand Up Comedy

8. How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (2005)

Fave Song: Miracle Drug

Fave Song 2: Yahweh

9. Rattle and Hum (1988)

Fave Song: Heartland

Fave Song 2: Silver & Gold (live) – Famous line (which I love!), “Am I buggin’ you? Don’t mean ta bug ya.”

10. All That You Can’t Leave Behind (2000)

Fave Song: Walk On

Fave Song 2: When I Look at the World, New York

11. Pop (1997)

Fave Song: Do You Feel Loved

Fave Song 2: If You Wear That Velvet Dress, Last Night on Earth

12. Boy (1980)

Fave Song: Out of Control

Fave Song 2: Twilight

Screams the audience of U2 fans, “What?! Not ‘I Will Follow’!??!” I like that song, yes. But it didn’t make my favorite list. Sorry. Neither did “Gloria” on October and I love that song. So nah! It’s my list.

So if I could insert a few non-U2 projects involving U2, I’d squeeze The Million Dollar Hotel soundtrack between 6 (Zooropa) and 7 (NLOH) above because it’s really a solid CD of music. Most of it is sung by Bono if it’s not an official U2 song. The music is kind of floaty, trippy like The Unforgettable Fire only more modern in sound. I really like it, minus that annoying “Anarchy in the USA” song and Milla Jovovich’s total destruction of the beautiful Bono-backed cover of Lou Reed’s “Satellite of Love.” (Bono does a great version of “Satellite of Love” on the ZooTV tour. Check it out.) From this soundtrack, my favorite song is “The Ground Beneath Her Feet” (hands down) with “Dancin’ Shoes” and “Stateless” sharing second place.

I would insert the U2/Brian Eno project as Passengers, Original Soundtracks 1, between 11 (Pop) and 12 (Boy). I want to really like it since I love ambient music, but, really, I’ve only played it a few times since I bought it, which says something because I got The Million Dollar Hotel soundtrack a month later and have already listened to it more than Original Soundtracks 1. I really like “Your Blue Room”–much better, in fact, that Bono’s beloved “Miss Sarajevo.” What can I say? Both these songs I would list as my favorite and second favorite respectively. Maybe I need to give that CD another listen tomorrow while I’m at work…

If I could stick Under the Blood Red Sky–the live from Red Rocks–CD in this list, it would probably go between 3 (War) and 4 (Joshua Tree) with my favorite live cuts of the songs being first and foremost “Sunday Bloody Sunday” (always my favorite, especially live) with “11 O’Clock Tick Tock” and “40” sharing second.

I’m happy to report I also borrowed a bunch of R.E.M. CDs from the library to refresh my love of that band in an attempt to get some variety now that I’m no longer writing a sermon about U2. (Oh, Michael Stipe, your last release, Around the Sun, was not your best… :( ). I also borrowed all of Interpol’s CDs. I like them–they’re kind of gloomy in a Depeche Mode/The Cure kind of way, if Depeche Mode or the Cure went punk. I can only listen to them for so long, though, before all the songs run together. But at least I’ll be familiar with them when I see them open for U2 in Pittsburgh.

I’m trying really hard to listen to other music so that I don’t get sugar sick on my favorite band. But, you know what, the reason why U2 is my favorite band is that for some reason I always like them and never get tired of listening to them. Which I can’t really say for any of the other music I like, except maybe the CDs by my church’s music director, Hal Walker. To me, U2 is like a breathe of fresh air. When I turn back to them after being away, their music does to my brain what that first sip of coffee in the morning does… Everything just feels right with the world again. How can one band’s music inspire such an unnameable mood? They must have me hypnotized or something… It happens to young, impressionable women like myself when Bono sways his leather-pants-wearing hips… And it’s the only explanation for an outfit like this…

Bono's outfit in encore of PopMart Tour

Oh, and I forgot to mention, I got the coolest boots ever at Payless yesterday. I didn’t notice but apparently the 1980s are back… check these OUT:

The 80s are BACK!

So I totally had to get them… right? I went into Payless looking for some cheap tennis shoes to wear with my jeans, since my current pair were literally falling apart (sole was coming off, making flappy sounds when I walked). And, you know, it was one of those buy one, get one half off deals. Of course, these were the more expensive shoes than the tennis shoes I bought, but when you consider I ended up paying less than $15 for my tennis shoes and, well, got these swank boots for a mere $35 full cost, hey… It’s a good day when you walk out of a shoe store with two pairs of shoes for $50. Right? Anyway, I couldn’t pass those boots up. Unfortunately for the world, I tried them on with a pair of black shorts just to see if I could get away with wearing them with my shorts… because I was thinking… yeah… of wearing them to a… (wait for it)… U2 concert. (And, yes, the answers is I CAN get away with wearing them with shorts.) But not only that. I wore them to church today with a mini-skirt, tights, and a nice long sweater, and I think I looked quite sheik if I do say so myself. Yep. If the 1980s are back, I’m ready to paaaah-ty.

But I’m not willing to rat my hair and use AquaNet to glue it in place. Nope. There’s only so far I’ll go for the sake of looking cool.


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