Rock Star Names

So one of the projects I’m working on, in between writing my memoir, is a fiction story I’ve been playing with about a rock star (hhhhmmm, could this idea perhaps be inspired by a recent fervor for U2??). I don’t know quite yet what I’m doing with this story, but it currently feels like something that wants to be longer than a short story, which is bad because, not being a published writer, I really should be trying to write short stories since I’m much more likely to get a short story published than novel-length one. But at this moment, I’m not exactly writing this story for publication. It’s just something bumping around in my head and when I’m bored from trying to write about reality, it gives my mind something to ponder and allows me to practice some focused writing. It’s fun, anyway, so I’m going with it for now.

I acknowledge, however, that while I can come up with some really great ideas, the names of characters just sometimes don’t come to me. I’ve got the  name of my non-rock star female character…. however, I can’t come up with suitable rock star names. I wanted to do come up with a cool one-word name. Yes, kind of like Bono. But, let’s face it, there is no cooler or more unique rocker name than Bono.

Anyway, I’m looking for ideas. And so here’s your chance to participate. Give me some rock star names. I’m going to need 4 or 5  (I will have a full band, after all). I’ll entertain cool one word names or full first and last names. I’ll totally give you credit (a dedication perhaps?) should I ever take this “novel” anywhere further than the hard drive on my computer. Remember, this is a fun side project for me right now–a simple warm-up exercise for when I’m trying to get into writing mode. I don’t really even have much of a plot–just a beginning scene and a notion of how the story will end, no details in between.

Be creative and submit to me your ideas. They have to be better than the lame-o names I’ve come up with thus far. I don’t need a band name… have one! Feedback. And if you know the connection there, you win points for paying attention. (Hey, I have to pay homage to the source of my inspiration.)

As a side note, the other short fiction story I’d like to work on, which I started a year ago and never picked back up, is still in the hopper as well. Now if I could just get a gym membership (to maintain my happy endorphins) and some evenings to myself in which I’ve got my full energy, I just might be cooking with gas. Let’s not forget the ramp-up of haiku I must get going… if I’m going to attempt to compete in the Haiku Death Match (I keep saying “if” to remind myself that I’m not really committed to this event yet). I may not have fulfilled my goal of trying to get something published this year, but I’ve at least done some creative things (ie, my sermon) that’s gotten me out there a little bit creatively. The more I expose myself and writing, the less I’ll be afraid to put myself through the rigorous process of trying to get published. Eventually, I’ll get there. It’s not impossible. I’ve got the skills and talent. I know I do.

8 thoughts on “Rock Star Names

  1. Hmmm. I would suggest writing down a list of character traits for each of the band members, then seeing if you can think up names organically. I mean, Bruce Springsteen is really Bruce Springsteen. If there is a bad boy, you don’t want his name to sound too proper or stuffy. Also, are they American? Or are they English or Irish? And are we talking stage names (that the characters chose?) or real names that their parents gave them? There’s just a lot of variables to consider there.

  2. All good questions, actually.

    The main character–the front man of my imaginary band–is going through a crisis of faith of sorts which has led to an inability to create which is dragging the band down and ruining his marriage. I envision him having a self-given stage name, not using his real name. His real name should be rather plain (like Bono’s real name). This is not Bono, though, I swear. It’s a different character. Who may or may not have Bono-like characteristics. But hey. He’s certainly the model rock star if you want to use one. (I personally dont think Bono or U2 is going through a crisis of faith or lack of creativity at this time–they are on fire–so it’s a different story.)

    I’ll admit that I originally named this character Stone. But I’m not so sure I like it. I need something that sounds rough, but has a double meaning (Stone could also mean strength). I guess I gotta figure out what his real name is…

    I havent resolved the remaining members of the rock band…. I know one of the characters would be the front man’s best friend…. And the entire band has known each other for years. I know one guy should be the straight and narrow guy (*cough, cough* if you’re a U2 fan you would know who this character might be similar to…)

    I’ve already figured out the name of said frontman’s wife. That came to me fairly easily. As does my main female character who is the regular person (non-famous) in the story.

    In order to not be deliberately making a copy of said favorite rock band, I’ve decided these guys are American. Especially since I have NO IDEA whatesoever what the life of someone from the UK or Ireland is like. ;) Or would be like. I cant imagine being European so I’m staying away from that. It’s hard enough for me trying to imagine what it would be like to be a rock star. To have fame and fortune but no privacy. I’m trying to put myself into those shoes because that’s going to be part of the plot of the story… the good/bad about fame and fortune and how it affects people. From my main non-famous character who dreams of having the life that the rock star has; the rock star having a crisis of faith and wishing he could just be normal again. They teach each other something about life that brings them both back to their center. And it’s NOT a love story (ie, my rock star does not leave his wife for this dashing young non-famous girl… oops, did I just drop a spoiler?… well, that’s not to say there wont be hints of this possibly heading in that direction, though…. But in the end, my characters are “moral” heroes who chose the right path.)

    • Okay, then the rock star with the crisis of faith, I think his name should be apostalic. Maybe Thomas, if he’s struggling with doubt. Stone. Hmmmmmmmm. That rings a little flat. Maybe a specific type of stone. It doesn’t sound flashy enough, or trademark-eque enough. Yes, maybe a specific type of rock.

      Of course, you are the author, so you can call him whatever you want for now and see if his real stage name occurs to you as you’re writing.

      It’s also kind of a character test. What do you want the audience to be chanting expectantly when he’s about to go onstage? What is it going to mean to him?

      • Damn, you’re helpful. I’m gonna have to bounce ideas with you offline. This is fun! :)

        ‘Course, I really need to talk to the character. Tell him to stop playing with me and give me his real stage name, dammit. His wife already told me her name. Ha!!

        Stone does suck that’s why I’m trying to come up with something better…. The only rock I know the name of is Amethyst. :)

    • Even more excellent? A story started unfolding this evening… I’m getting all the insider info… I’m starting to formulate a plot. It all starts with learning their names… Then the characters just start gabbing in your ear.

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