TOSRV 2011 – 50th Anniversary

I just registered for TOSRV. My BIB number is 129. Being that the registration just went up within the last hour, and 28 people obviously got in ahead of me, I’m guessing this is going to be a popular year for the ride being that it’s the 50th anniversary. Do you think it’s at all possible that the Weather Gods aka Mother Nature might bestow upon us uncharacteristically warm weather in joyous celebration of this occasion?

Yeah, I know. Not bloody likely. More likely is the worst weather ever in its 50 year history. It’s gonna snow. Yep.

I hope not. I can suffer through a lot of cruddy weather, but I draw the line at snow.

I told myself I only had to do this ride up to its 50th year anniversary and then I’d take some time off. How much you wanna bet that next year at this time I’ll be registering again? (Excuse: Well, I have to do an even 5 years…)

It’s nice to know that I don’t have to do the ride. Because, well, I have to do it this year of all years. I need to be there for the monumental moment and all, right? There’s going to be an even bigger, better party at the finish line. Mars Girl never misses a good party!

The things we do to ourselves… In the middle of January, riding my bike in May sounds wonderful. I haven’t been on my bike for two months. But, ironically, just this morning I was reflecting on the joys of riding my bike to work, looking forward to April when that will be possible again.

Yep. I’m addicted. I guess it’s better than drugs. It takes over my life, leaving little room for other social activities, but it keeps me fit, makes my heart strong, teaches me endurance and the value of pushing hard to achieve a goal. It’s all good for me.

Besides, my legs are so buff. On the off-chance that I do get to do anything else this summer, I will look great in all my outfits… Especially a certain mini jean skirt I bought just the other day… It’s good to be almost 36 and have the ability to sport clothes that show off my legs.

(Hey, I cut myself and my looks down so much, it’s good for me to say something positive about myself every once in a while. Don’t you all get grumpy with me!)

So. Here we go again, dear TOSRV…. so good to see you, my love.


8 thoughts on “TOSRV 2011 – 50th Anniversary

  1. Hey Mars Girl!

    Im #221 – probably dawdled over what shirt or jersey to buy…

    It may snow in May (with global warming and all)… so feel free to do a training ride tomorrow in the 3-5″ forecast! Ill be out there with ski goggles on my two speed.

    Best, SpartyBrutus

  2. Hi Marsgirl
    I’m hoping you can help me out. The last time I rode TOSRV was in 1981. I rode with Louise Harris from Gambier ohio ohio. Her dad is Chuck Harris the mirror guy. I would love to know what became of Louise. Do you have any leads?

    • Hi, Ron!

      I’m sorry, I really don’t know many of the people who participate in TOSRV. Other than my own friends. :) I was 6 in 1981 so obviously I wasn’t riding!

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