Love ‘Ku

I like to call these my love ‘ku. Because I stand on the side of love. I wish I would have been able to use one of these at NuKu.

Love’s a Right (11/07/2010)
Love’s a human right.
The right to walk down the street,
Holding hands, kissing.

Boundless Love (11/07/2010)
Woman-man; man-man;
Woman-woman; love’s sacred
In its many forms.

2 thoughts on “Love ‘Ku

  1. Janet, haiku is simply a count of syllables in words. You have to have the following pattern: 5-7-5. Therefore, the first line has to be 5 syllables, the second line 7 syllables, and the last line 5 syllables. It can be tricky. Sometimes you have a great word, but it’s too many syllables. Most often, you find out you have to find smaller words for what you want to say. Sometimes, even, I have to look up how many syllables a word is because I’m not sure by sound.

    I think it probably says online that you dont have to follow the 5-7-5 rule, that you just need to have 17 syllables total. But my friends and I say that’s cheating so we adhere to the tradition haiku rules of 5-7-5. It’s also more challenging that way.

    Here, I broke out the above poem by syllables as an example:

    Love’s a hu-man right (5)
    The right to walk down the street (7 – all the words are one syllable)
    Hold-ing hands, kiss-ing. (5)

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