I’m here to say that the rumors are true… As of last week, I’m now officially going to yet another U2 show this summer. Just added to my itinerary: Nashville, July 2, 2011.

Excessive? If you think so, perhaps you should read the bi-line of this blog again: The story of a girl from Mars and her passion for everything.

Let’s examine the word “everything,” shall we? It’s really two words stuck together to form one–every and thing. Encompassing literally all things. All things of which I love. There is no halfway with me. I’m an all or nothing kind of gal.

So what prompts a girl who was originally going to one U2 show in seats to willingly fork over money for one, then two, and then a third additional show? And, for godsakes, why? Pent up anticipation. The original show in East Lansing was supposed to happen in 2010 but was delayed when Bono injured his back. After surgery and several months of rehabilitation, U2 was back in the road in August last year. And then they added dates to their North American tour, one of which was Pittsburgh. So I was thinking, “Hey, Pittsburgh is closer than East Lansing, and I’m going to East Lansing, why I don’t I go to Pittsburgh too?”

And since the second ticket I bought for East Lansing has changed hands about three times, I figured I’d save myself the hassle of trying to find someone to go with me and just go alone.  And, while I was at it, why didn’t I try this general admission thing my fellow fans are always raving about? Sitting in line all day sounded kind of like a campy bonding experience with fellow worshippers of the band. Maybe I’d meet some friends. Being in GA always looks like a crazy party of dancing and jumping around. I love crazy parties. I love to dance and jump around!! I love to scream my lungs out! I’d love to be so close to the band I can see them sweat!

Then in October I joined a fan forum. And I started talking to some people on a regular basis. We’ve talked about this one before… A little arm-twisting, a little photoshop manipulation of some pictures pleading me to go, and the next thing I know, I’m buying a ticket for Philly. This time, I’m feeling secure because I will know people and have some friends to hang out with in line.

So last week, I’m sitting around, contemplating all the wonderful 360 bootlegs I’ve downloaded and listened to in the last several months, and my excitement is mounting again. I’m thinking that I just can’t get enough of live U2–the band reinvents themselves every time they take the stage. U2’s about to open the South American leg of their tour on March 25th. A lot of anticipation is building, tickling my veins with excitement. And I’m looking up which shows on the US leg take place on a weekend so that maybe I could drive to yet another without taking additional time off work. And along comes Nashville.

I think about it. Google Maps tells me it takes about 8 hours to get to Nashville from my house. I look at my company’s time-off schedule. I realize I could swap my July 4th holiday out for Friday July 1st instead. I announce publicly my thoughts of adding Nashville and find out that my friend Kristy is also going to that show; she invites me to drive down with her and her husband. And the next thing I know, I’m pushing the Submit button to send payment to a ticket site for the Nashville show.

Lock and load. My first GA experience changes from Philly to Nashville. Whee!!

So you probably think I’ve lost my mind. And that’s okay. This is about the craziest thing I’ve ever done in my life. Which means it really needed to be done. It’s an adventure and a half. You only live once and all that. Have you ever loved something so passionately that you were willing to run to the ends of the earth to grab a hold of it for just two seconds? That describes my plight.

Okay, so I’m no longer at the point where I can claim all this as part of the research for my novel. I think that excuse is long dead. I’ll just own up to my obsessive behaviors and be done with it. However, I will point out that I’m not alone… There are many, many U2 fans like myself who are attending several more concerts than me. Some people, like a girl I know online, is actually flying in from Australia to see several shows on the US leg. At least two of the people I will meet with the group in Philly are flying in for the show from Europe.

I guess, though, that’s like an alcoholic saying that they can’t be an alcoholic because they know people who drink more than they do. Ha. But, well, U2 music won’t destroy my life…. My friends think I’m a little odd, that’s true, but they thought that for years anyway with all my other obsessive reactions to those things about which I’m passionate–cycling, astronomy, skiing. I bet every one who criticizes has something they’re secretly–or even openly–passionate about, something that drives them to the ends of the earth to seek fulfillment with. If you don’t, then perhaps you should find something.

It’s like my new t-shirt (which I plan to wear at the concerts at which I’m in GA) says, “I don’t suffer from addiction to U2; I enjoy every second of it!”

I admit that I'm addicted to this band.


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