10 Years

Just a few pictures of my favorite memories with Mike…

I mentioned the setting sun on the Alabama state highpoint in a recent entry. Check out the background in the picture below. That wasn’t even the most beautiful part of it.

Mike at Alabama state highpoint, Nov. 1999

Mike and me at Alabama state highpoint, Nov. 1999

I love how he used to wear that (purple) bandanna to protect his (balding) head from the sun! I still have that bandanna; I keep it in a drawer in my nightstand.

Mike and me on a booze cruise in Cabo San Lucas, our honeymoon, Aug. 1999

I had this picture in my wallet until recently. Well, it’s still in my wallet, just not in one of the picture holders. I keep it in one of the pockets along with the prayer card from my Grandma H’s funeral. I haven’t had the heart to move either. I’d like to think they are my good luck charms…

Engagement photo, circa Jan 1999.

And, lastly, in lieu of an overly dramatic love song or poetry, I leave this video of “One Night In Bangkok” by Murray Head from the musical Chess because we heard it on our first date and it always reminds me of him. In memory of our happiest times.

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