Calvin’s Challenge Results

The results to the Calvin’s Challenge are in. I’m right there in 3rd place in the Female 35-39 category, right after another Heidi in second place. Maybe Heidi is the new Lance (Armstrong)? They missed my partial miles for some reason and I can’t figure out how to contact them to dispute this. But I guess that’s okay as I know I did 152 miles. And it’s still over all the longest ride I’ve ever done.

So what do you think? Next year, maybe 180-190 miles? The girl who got gold with her 204.5 miles won’t be in the 35-39 age category next year, maybe I have a chance of getting silver or gold? ‘Course, there’s always another champion who appears to replace the previous. I’m not so sure I can (or want to) get 200 miles in 12 hours. But then I said a year ago that 100 miles was more than enough to ride in one day….

The professional photographer got some action shots of me on my trusty steed:

Team Crazy Girl - Mars Girl & Black Beauty on Calvin's Challenge

Pedaling my way to victory on Calvin's Challenge. (This was early in the first loop, I felt no pain.)


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