Please Stand By

I’ve had the most amazing last two weeks–so much fodder for blogging. However, I’ve been extremely busy. And this little thing called “work” keeps getting in the way. It seems that being in love takes up a lot of one’s free time in the evenings. In addition to keeping up with my blog, I’m trying to work on a scrapbook of my U2 adventures from the summer, exercise, create Valentines Day cards for my U2 buds, manage my finances, keep up on letters to my two remaining pen pals, and write my freaking novel. Why are there not enough hours in the day?!

Being an avid reader of several blogs, I feel your pain in my silence. I enjoy reading blogs and get so frustrated when my favorites get neglected for a period of time. I guess, though, you should take comfort in knowing that I’m having so much fun that I can’t contain myself. I’ve gotten a little bit less jagged around the edges. I’ve let myself go a little. And it’s been the most awesome trip!

In summary, which I plan to detail later in future entries, here is how I spent my last two weeks:

January 21 to January 29, I went with Crow down to Sarasota, Florida to visit his family. His father and grandmother live down there and his aunt and uncle from Ohio were down there as well. Crow and I enjoyed many great excursions both as a group and by ourselves. The highlights were Myakka State Park where we saw a lot of wildlife (including alligators!) and climbed a tower for a beautiful canopy overlook; an all-day bike trip on a tandem to Venice; and a dolphin cruise along the bay. We rented a convertible Camero–yellow–and cruised the streets like the heat-deprived Ohioans that we are!

February 1st and 2nd, we went to Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania to partake in the annual Ground Hog Day festivities. What an interesting cultural experience that was! We spent two days hanging around the town, and then spent February 3rd hiking some of PA’s beautiful state parks–Cook Forest and Clear Creek. We then moved on to Bilger’s Rocks (AWESOME!!) and Penn’s Cave on February 4. Lastly, we skied the afternoon of February 5th at Hidden Valley Ski Resort before heading home. What a relaxing five days that was!!

I have tons of pictures and stories to share! I can’t wait to get a free moment to sit down and share these adventures with you. It may be a few days, though. So just hang on! In the meantime, would someone please extend the length of an Earth day, but shorten the amount of time in that day that I spend at my job, so that I can get everything I need done? Thank you very much!

Crow and Mars Girl at Gobbler's Knob.


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