Last Friday, Crow and I hosted a beer tasting party at my house. Many of our friends had expressed a desire to try beer outside of their usual comfort zone, so we decided to indulge their curiosity by picking up numerous beers–some of which we had never even tried–and having a tasting. In true Crow fashion, the party went well beyond the parameters of a casual gathering of friends as he created a truly beautiful setup with areas of my living room and dining room designated for each type (ie, porter, stout, pilsner, etc) of beer. He bought silver buckets that we filled with ice and placed the beer into and–to my surprise–he decorated the space between the buckets with beautiful globe lights. Yes, a simple party is not a simple party when Crow has his hand in decorating it.

One of the many beer stations at our beer tasting party. I made the little signs describing each beer.

It looked really awesome. We had little 4 oz drinking glasses (which can be used again in future tastings) for everyone to use so that they could sample each beer without too much of a commitment. We didn’t get as many guests as we would have liked (we invited over 40 people, but only about 15 were able to show). However, it was one of the best nights of my life because, unbeknownst to me, Crow had an additional little surprise event for the night.

I was standing by one of the tables, pouring a sample of beer into my glass, when our friend Kevin asked Crow if he’d ever attended some event that I assumed had to do with mountain biking. Crow replied with a quick, terse, “No” and walked by distractedly. I thought how odd that behavior was–Crow was usually very outgoing and friendly–and I wondered what was wrong.

Then, Crow called for everyone’s attention.

“I want to talk about these beers over here,” he said, standing in front of one of our stations. And then he looked over at me with a mysterious smile. “Actually,” he continued, “I want to ask Heidi a question.”

And before I even had time to think about what he could possibly be asking me, he dropped to one knee while simultaneously removing a white box from his pocket. My heart thudded loudly in my ears. Oh, no, you didn’t, I thought, excitedly and nervously. In front of everyone!

“Will you marry me?” he asked looking up at me with the happiest smile on his face.

Crow proposes to Mars Girl. Dr. McCoy presides over the proceedings.

I kept covering my mouth to hide my overwhelmed expression. I think I’m a little embarrassed by my reactions to emotional things like this in public–I’m always afraid that my reaction won’t look genuine enough so I cover it up behind my hands. I think I giggled a little like a girl. A few “oh my Gods” might have come out.

Mars Girl folds in disbelief and shock. But happy disbelief and shock.

And then I answered, forgetting all the eyes on me, “Yes!!!”

I took the ring in the box Crow proffered me. It was exquisitely beautiful and Crow picked it himself–a marquis cut diamond surrounded on each side by a deep purple amethyst stone of similar shape, pretty little diamonds in the band on each side. It sparked in the light. I slid it on my left ring finger as he stood up. I hugged him, my hands shaking and my heart fluttering. I couldn’t believe what had just happened, even though we’d discussed marriage already over the last couple of months. I had told him that I didn’t want to know when he planned to propose to me or even that he’d bought a ring. So I really was surprised. It was perfect.

Mars Girl hugs her fiance.

Thanks to Susan Spinelli, a friend from our bike club, for capturing the moment for us so that we could have it forever.

Mars Girl, still too shocked to do anything but hold onto Crow.

Mars Girl admires the beautiful ring.

More hugs!

So happy they don't know what to do with themselves.

The happy couple, now fiance and fiancee!

And… the moment you’ve been waiting for…. the beautiful ring…

A unique ring for a girl who loves purple.

The proposal was one day after my 37th birthday. I can’t think of a better way to start the next year of my life. We’re thinking of a July 2013 wedding date… Suddenly, the future is looking very busy… But very, very exciting!


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