I was married to Mike 13 years ago yesterday…

This exhilarating event occurred one year and three months after I met Mike in May of 1998. Which, in turn, occurred one year after I’d graduated from Hiram College.

I was widowed over 11 years ago April 14th…

My world was rocked and I was alone on September 11th, almost 11 years ago.

I moved to Colorado 9 years ago last January…

I returned to Ohio 8 years ago this August…

I bought a house in Stow in May 7 years ago.

I bought my first road bike in July 6 years ago and used cycling to drown the last visages of grief-induced depression for the next several years.

I met Crow 3 years ago at the Lock 29 trailhead on a chilly autumn night when I went there to hike with my fellow bike club members. We somehow got onto the topic of Dr. Who.

One year ago…

I was still coming down from my epic adventure as a U2 tour groupie.

I sat in Uncorked in Roscoe Village (Coshocton, OH) drinking a couple beers with Crow. Sparks flew.

Five months ago, Crow proposed to me the day after my birthday in front of several friends at our beer tasting party.

Two months ago, we bought a house together in the Cuyahoga Valley.

One year from now, I’ll be married a second time for over a month.

13 years from now, Crow and I will be two years from paying off our mortgage (barring no unexpected issues). What will life be like then? I can’t even wager to guess. I’m hoping for the best while gripping the sides of this roller coaster car as tight as I can…. I don’t know what hills lie ahead, what stomach-dropping descents follow, but I sure as hell hope it’s the kind of ride where when I get to the end, I can say, “Wow. That was sometimes terrifying and sometimes fun. But thoroughly worth the ride.”

3 thoughts on “Counting

  1. Beautiful! Uplifting! Inspiring! And real. Thanks for the reality check. I join you on the roller coaster…Hold on tight!!

  2. Love this most recent post. Makes me wanna make a counting list of my own…in fact I think I will. Def puts things in perspective.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  3. Great post, Heidi. I’m looking forward to visiting next summer and being at your wedding. Remind me of the date so I can work on travel plans!

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