Lavender and an Organic Farm

We began our adventure on July 14th with only three hours sleep between arriving at our hotel after the reception (and subsequent clean up and last minute packing at the house) and getting up at 5am because we had a 8:00am flight for Albuquerque, New Mexico… Can you say “jet lag”? Or, really, “post-wedding lag.” Who’s bright idea was it to book a 8am flight the day after our wedding anyway?

Oh, yeah. That was me. I forgot.

I wanted to get the most days out west as possible. I guess I forgot about how incredibly tired one is after the planning and execution of one’s wedding is complete. Hard to believe that as a seasoned person, I’d forget that. I guess I just figured that walking onto the plane as a zombie is socially acceptable. I just forgot how painful it is.

I usually appreciate air travel as time for me to do some reading. With that in mind, I packed the book I started reading in February and a new book from my own shelves that I have not yet read in anticipation that I would finally complete the first and get to start the next. Ha, ha.

I slept the moment the plane started moving until it started to descend on the first flight, and then, on the second flight, I slept most of the way, though I woke up long enough for a few snacks and a pop.

When we arrived in Albuquerque (which is not, I learned, an airport but a “sunport”), it was sunny and warm. I felt jet-lagged but excited out seeing someplace new. We had planned to spend one night at a hotel because we could not get our RV until the following day. Since we had arrived in Albuquerque before noon, we could not check into our hotel. So we drove to the Old Downtown Albuquerque and walked around browsing in shops and such.

I was immediately taken by the square, adobe architecture of New Mexico. It was like every stereotype of the southwest I’d ever known. I guess that’s why it’s a stereotype. Of course, every shop was filled with turquoise jewelry and authentic-appearing (but not always so) Native American art. Crow loves southwestern style art and furnishings (it was the inspiration for the color we painted our bedroom, which is terra cotta) and it seems some of that is rubbing off onto me.

The hot sunny day broke into a sudden sunny thunderstorm that Crow says was typical of this area of the country. The rain stopped but the evening settled into clouds. It was still early, but I was getting kind of tired, so we decided to finally check into our hotel.


The courtyard at our hotel.

Crow picked the hotel and had booked it a few weeks ago. It was actually the coolest place I’d ever been as far as an overnight stay–even cooler than any bed and breakfast I’d ever stayed at. It was called the Los Poblanos Historic Inn and Organic Farm. Crow had chosen the beer-themed package where we got a refrigerator stocked with select local brews, a dinner sandwich, and some delicious tortilla chips. The sandwich was gourmet–beef with some kind of delicious dressings.


Peacocks (including an “almost albino” white one) roamed the property freely and the smell of lavender from the fields where they were growing scented the wind. The gardens were beautiful as well and the room was really cozy. We were in the lap of luxury in this quiet, peaceful place. I pretty much crashed around 8:30pm, jet-lagged to the core, and had a very restful sleep.



The next morning we had the most awesome breakfast–included in our room. I don’t remember the name of my meal (I’m so bad at non-English words sometimes), but it was basically a tomato-based soup with some kind of soft-boiled egg and lots of other veggies. Crow had the omelet–which was wrapped around a cream cheese and a raspberry sauce. We each share a bite of each other’s meal and I completely stuffed myself to finish mine, it was so good.


Our delicious breakfasts.

We walked around the grounds after breakfast, enjoying the local animals–some chickens and goats. We both fed the goats. At the little gift shop, I bought some lavender soap for our RV and a book about growing and harvesting lavender since I recently planted lavender for the flower, but I’ve been thinking of trying to use the flower if they grow.


Crow delicately (piece by piece) feeds the goats.

All and all, it was a completely beautiful first day and a half. I totally fell in love with Crow again for his marvelous selection in a hotel.


The kitty who ran the register at the gift shop.

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