Before picking up our RV, and therefore leaving Albuquerque, we decided to check out the Petroglyphs National Monument. This area contained a series of rocks on which ancient native people drew–or wrote–leaving behind cryptic pictures that we really, apparently, have no idea what they mean. Many signs indicated that some of the tribes today with ties to the ancient people have some theories as to the meanings of these drawings, but no one appears to be certain about all of them.

I personally like to speculate that most of them were about aliens from outer space interacting with the alien people. Come on, how can you deny it with pictures such as this:


Or this:


Ok, so that one shows a bird, but still… the spirally thing? What’s that? It’s the warp drive the aliens used to get here, of course!!

And certainly the creature in the next petroglyph is not of earthly origin….


Okay, I’ll believe that the petroglyph shown below is a yucca plant, as the sign claimed, and not a space craft or aircraft of alien origin….


…But I simply will not accept that the following does not depict a space ship crash landing into a group of teenagers celebrating Mardi Gras.


And I believe this to be a portrait of one an elder from the bird species of Beta Fomalhaut 4.


Perhaps these represent teenage angst.



But you can’t tell me that this isn’t close encounters of the third kind…


Disclaimer: I mean no disrespect to the native people of New Mexico. I actually found these petroglyphs quite moving. It just tickles my funny bone to look upon them as a 21st century girl who wants to believe that ancient man was visited by men from outerspace. I wish we really knew fully what these symbols mean… It really makes you think about how symbols only mean something in context to the civilization making them. Will writing some day be obsolete and seen as anything more than incomprehensible scribbles to future man? In all likelihood, yes. And in that case, I give the future tourists looking upon my writings to deem them an account of an encounter with men from outerspace!

2 thoughts on “Petroglyphs

  1. Ancient writings WERE (and some still are) incomprehensible until samples were found with other known language/writing translations below them…Rosetta Stone. I think the art represented here is probably representations of the world the peoples lived in…lots of nature drawings, and important plants…perhaps practice scribbles too. Maybe they felt that a power or luck would be given to them. I’ll bet these representations were painted on their utensils, bowls, clothing, and painted on their skin, also. I love this stuff, and enjoyed your explanations too!

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