On the Oregon Coast

“God” being my word for that which I don’t understand. Not the Christian god. Oh, hell, I’m just the author; interpret it as you desire…. :)

God kisses my cheeks
Runs his finger through my hair
Soothes my aching heart.

A Requiem for 9 Years in Haiku

Memories fade like
Morning fog warmed by sunlight
Elusive specters.

I try to hold you
But fragments of you escape
Into time’s ether.

We are intertwined–
A part of me died with you,
As you live through me.

My heart still pounds hard
When I have some news to share
And you’re not here.

The day I lost my best friend
And everything changed.


Who would have thought a gallop
Was as smooth as two wheels on pavement
Legs pumping vigorously to bring motion
Lungs drained breathless with work
Between ecstasy and pain
Gloriously alive in that long, laborious moment
All thoughts focused on the simple, single task:
Motion, moving, momentum.

(Inspired while riding yesterday… Though, admittedly, I think this actually just the start of a poem…)

Happy St. Patty’s Day

Some lush-ku for you in the spirit of the “holiday.”

Light-weights drink green beer
And speak with emerald tongues;
Hop-heads drink Guinness.

(If I had more syllables, I could have added “and grow hair on their chests.” Which is what my dad claims happens when you drink a stout.)

I’m neither Irish
Nor Catholic. But I love beer!
Happy St. Patty’s!

Smithwick’s, Harp’s, Guinness
Great Lakes’ Conway’s, Killian’s:
Irish brew’s true hues.

…So how long until Cinco de Mayo…? (Though I am not as versed on Latino beer.)

Black Diamond

For those of you skiers who have met and conquered The Beast…

Looking down the slope,
I swallow fear. Then push off–
RUSH; The Beast is slain!

I’m always talking about doing a hard, challenging slope I’ve never done as “slaying the demon/beast.” Perhaps this line of thought is influenced by all the Buffy episodes I’ve been watching. I always face The Beast twice, just to cement my victory. You aren’t skiing right if you don’t occasionally scare yourself… Your skill will increase the more you challenge yourself by flying outside your comfort zone and face The Beast.

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